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Utilizing extended curing techniques, our signature sauce, and a beautiful presentation, Executive Chef Oscar Gomez has elevated the process of smoking and barbecuing quality meats which draws out maximum flavor in every bite.

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The art of barbecue

Each of our meats is carefully prepared, expertly smoked, and undeniably delicious. The variety we offer is unmatched by typical barbecue joints—ham, bacon, charcuterie, turkey, fish, lamb, stuffed sausages, duck, and more—adding to the traditional favorites of spare ribs, brisket, and pulled pork.

As part of our commitment to sustainable agriculture, Primal Cuts’ ingredients and oak are provided by Tank House Farms right here in Sonoma. The meats we smoke supply not only our guests but also our culinary partners, and the scraps return to the fields of Tank House Farms for the next cycle, ensuring the food we prepare benefits the land we call home.


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Our Barbecue Master

Executive Chef Oscar

Oscar has always had a passion for cooking. Growing up in Mexico City, he got his start by making quesadillas for his family as a young child, which eventually led to culinary school, before he ultimately migrated to the Bay Area and immersed himself in California culture and cuisine.

While living in Napa Valley, Oscar worked his way up from washing dishes to prepping food to ultimately becoming head butcher at the French Laundry, Thomas Keller’s world-renowned restaurant, where he learned fine dining techniques.

Then the pandemic hit, and like many others in the restaurant industry, Oscar found himself without work. But it was during this time that he began barbecuing as a hobby in his backyard, discovering a natural talent for smoking meats.

Now, as Executive Chef of Primal Cuts, Oscar combines his fine dining skills with a passion for barbecue to offer a truly versatile smokehouse experience.

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